07 March 2010

Fête du Citron: Cinema - King Kong!

King Kong! - but where's Fay Wray? Click to read about the 1933 iconic film.

The Fête du Citron ended on the 4th March and whilst I have dozens more photographs it's time to wind up this little series so tomorrow will be the last day.

Catherine asked if there were less huge floats in the parade than usual. Probably there were the usual number but the weather was grim, the light not conducive to a decent photo, so I look more shots of the performers and less of the floats. Here are a couple for you, Catherine.


  1. Nice way to finish with King Kong.

  2. This is a fabulous festival. I was there many years ago. This King Kong is beautifully decorated with citrus fruit.

  3. This gets an award for "most interesting thumbnail on the city daily photo portal." That orange color against the muted buildings is just fabulous! I want to see these events at least once in my lifetime!


  4. And I thought I had a big butt and thighs!!

  5. I giant ape made out of citrus. Now I think I have seen everything.

    There is a beach restaurant in Tamarindo with a sign, which I have shown on my site in the past, that says, "Nachos as big as your ass." I would like to see this King Kong walk into that place and order some nachos. If he did, maybe they would put up a new sign, "Special today -- orange juice and lemonade."

  6. Great series Jilly. I think King Kong is just great !

  7. Another nearly nude performer, Jilly...and I think King Kong has kind of a cute derriere.

  8. Big guy, and his derriere would make Jennifer Lopez jealous. :)

  9. Thanks Jilly. I've never attended to the parade, just seen the show in the jardins Boviès.
    Each year, I follow with your blog the floats. And the viewers'faces expression which is one of the funniest part.


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