30 September 2010

The Church's New Facade - Revealed!

Drum roll...the finished facade. I took this shot yesterday afternoon but even so was about 10 minutes too late and so there is some shadow across the lower right hand corner.

The small photo on the left shows the facade against the old wall on the side of the church - and below, you see the facade, after preparation of the surface but before any work was done. The colours were hung from the scaffolding for the villagers to see.

Tomorrow is Theme Day on CDP but after that we'll pop back here to the inauguration of the facade when the place was full of bishops and mayors and other dignitaries and most importantly, Monsieur Zanatta who created this masterpiece.


  1. I ADORE tromp l'oeil and this is a gorgeous example of this fabulous art style. It's so nice to know that there are still people in the world willing to take the time to learn and carry on these skills and trades. What a beautiful building, Jilly. It was well worth the wait!

  2. Jilly

    Gorgeous work they are true master artisan's at their craft. It is lovely to look at. thanks for giving us a complete detail of the process.


  3. REALLY STUNNING! Well-done, both the facade and your photo. And I like the bottom one, too, which reminds me of a very pale Mondrian!

  4. Nice! Very 19th century italian style.

  5. Jilly, just exquisitely crafted and created -- Thank you for showing the panel of suble colors. Your photo shows the finished project beautifully in spite of the shadow.

  6. It is beautiful. I've so enjoyed this series!

  7. Hello Jilly,
    very nice pics of the process! Good idea to show it to us! So I have to return there next year to take a look! Have a pic from 2008 with the old facade.
    What about the side walls and the back? Do they stay as they are or will they also be painted in a similar colour?
    Barbara from Germany

  8. Just as pretty as I remember it!:)I also like the small photos.

  9. Jilly
    We have loved this series and the finished product is breathtaking. Sorry not to have commented recently but all well here and still logging in every day

  10. Superb. Loved this series.

    Now, can they find some other buildings to paint?

  11. Thanks Jilly for the wonderful photos of the new facade. The art work is absolutely fabulous.
    As for the graffiti photos they are a great way of showing another ancient tradition that has been going on since Roman times.


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