29 September 2010

The Church's New Facade - Saint Roch

The idea was to show you the finished facade today. At this time of year, the sun hits the facade around 15h.00 and so at 14h.30 yesterday I was there, tripod at the ready. Then the sun disappeared and the sky totally clouded over. I took some photos regardless but am not pleased - so I'll go up to the village again today and hopefully you'll see the finished facade tomorrow.

Meanwhile, this is one I took a week or so ago of one of the two 'statues' depicted in trompe l'oeil. They are either side of the church door. One is of Saint Roch and one of Saint Lazaire, protectors of the village, and they are inspired by sculptures in the church.

There is a Chapel Saint Roch on one side of the village and a Chapel Saint Lazare on the other - each built to protect the village in medieval times.


  1. bonne idee la photo des croquis, ils sont magnifiques

  2. Thanks Olivier - I learnt a new word today - croquis = sketch. Great.

  3. Moi aussi, Olivier!

    The finished detail is just stunning, Jilly, and I am glad to see the close-view of the façade.

  4. This is such an amazing talent, to create illusion with such perfection.

  5. This is so beautiful and such amazing craftsmanship! I can't wait to see the finished picture. Someday I hope to see the church in person!

    Thank you.



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