17 September 2010

Le Balico

Le Balico in Place aux Herbes was my favourite Menton restaurant for the nearly 20 years I've lived here so I'm really sad that the owners, Franck and Anne-Marie have sold the place.

Sadly a place is never the same with a change in ownership and without a patron on the premises.


  1. What is your favorite food to order there?

  2. I love to eat and would stop there for sure. And what Brattcat asked....?

  3. It does look popular and inviting.

  4. It looks like a lovely spot to eat and relax and enjoy, I do love the whole ambiance of the place and the trees are well rooted, and beautiful, makes it cool and shady on a hot day.


  5. Jilly,
    I have always loved Le Balico as well. I hope the new owners do not change a thing. Among my favorites is the fish soup served in the classic way with toasted baguette slices, rouille and cheese. We ate there when I was back last October, and it was packed on a week night off season. Now that's a great restaurant!

  6. Brattcat and Bibi - my favourite food there - mussels. I always have mussels to begin and then often whatever pasta dish is on offer. Sometimes a fish dish of the day and after, usually tarte tatin or fromage blanc with myrtilles.

    And Karen, yes the fish soup as you describe is still on the menu!

  7. We had a nice meal here tonight.... :)


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