09 September 2010

Guns and Handcuffs

A policeman in Ventimiglia, just across the Italian border. A reminder that the beauty and tranquillity of the French and Italian Rivieras sometimes gets disrupted.


  1. Ah!
    Trouble in paradise -- the photo- looks ominous>

    Hope it all turned out alright?


  2. Wouldn't want to joke with this one. Which is a shame, I know quite a few carabinieri jokes!

  3. Is that some sort of decorative bracelet or does it have a purpose? Looks a bit thin for a watch.

    Very good photo, and I think it's ominous, too....

  4. Knowing the Italian sense of style I'd say it was a decorative bracelet, Bibi.

  5. Maybe that is where the keys for the handcuffs are fastened to :-)
    Great sharp photo.

  6. What will all the police do when they get to Heaven? Odd thought. But I thought it.

  7. We have similar hips here in Sydney, and my heart/stomach always rolls when I see them.

    Lovely photograph though, Jilly.

  8. Nice shot...er, photo Jilly!!!

    Even though I'm married to a Chief of Police, I still get a catch in my breath when his briefcase is open and I catch a glimpse of his gun!!!

  9. I guess I don't see it as ominous. I'm always grateful to these people for what they do for the rest of us. It can't be an easy job.


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