03 September 2010

Stephane Montalto - Ceramist and Potter

Stéphane Montalto is a well-known Riviera ceramist and potter, originally working in Menton but now at his workshop in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.

And it isn't only beautiful pots that he is famous for. A while back he discovered the archives of Saissi, an important ceramics company of the last century. Saissi was a Menton enterprise with more than 100 employees who created beautiful balustrades, cabochons and bowls using the particularly beautiful pale turquoise we see around Menton and Monaco. Using the traditions of Saissi, Stéphane works restoring many of the Belle Epoque villas of the region. You can see more of Stéphane and his balustrades and large pots in the colour I'm talking about by clicking HERE.

Stéphane's work is installed in many parts of Monaco, including the Japanese Garden and St. Martin's Garden on Le Rocher. His work has been shown in many different exhibitions and he's won many awards. And he's such a nice gentle man. Today's photos were taken at one of Menton's art markets near to Place du Cap.


  1. Jilly

    There's no telling why people are attracted to different parts of the world. Artists have always gravitated toward their own special places: Gauguin was enraptured with Tahiti; Hemmingway came alive in Cuba and Spain; Van Gough found his inspiration in southern France; and,
    it seems like Menton is a gathering place -- a mecca for many wonderful and diverse artistic talents. Stéphane's work is rich and colorful, thanks for posting.

    Have a wonderful week end.

  2. Look at those eyes. Such a kind face, and his pottery....

  3. beautifully photographed...i want to feel those vases between the palms of my hands.

  4. What a gorgeous turquoise color!

  5. Jilly, I was ready to rave (again) about your portrait of the artist as you do so well, but then I saw his pottery! Oh my! The red vase is wonderful as that color is so elusive in pottery glazes and the turquoise ones just leave me speechless!

  6. You've captured Stephane's gentle spirit in that soulful black and white portrait. Nicely done. The turquoise color of his work in the last photo reminds me of the Mediterranean itself--sublime.

  7. A stunning portrait of a wonderful artist and his work.

  8. That pale turquoise blue is wonderful ! No wonder people went crazy over it.

    Thank you Jilly for uncovering this important bit of Menton art history for us. Great portrait, great story!


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