02 September 2010

Logs with Oleander

Logs, ready for winter and framed by a pink oleander, are piled up outside a house in the medieval village of Gorbio.


  1. someone is prepared!
    Love your photo.

  2. I like this kind of composition and the colors are quite unusual.

    P.S. - The smaller slightly oval tomatoes you asked about are called 'Piccadilly', the bigger ones 'San Marzano'.
    You can see images of both types here.

  3. I love the pale pink of this oleander. I've heard it is poisonous, not that I'd eat it.

  4. The oleander is beautiful.

  5. Beautiful!!

    Some heating during winter is needed even in the south!

  6. WEll that's a beautiful way to forecast winter. We won't need that for a long time. Finally a break in the extreme heat here but it's still very hot. Nice to think about cooler temps. Hope you're doing well mon amie.

  7. Beautiful, as always. :-) Did you ever post photos of Villa Hanbury? I have been looking for them on your blog but can't find any. Could I put in a request for some, please?

  8. Jilly

    Beautiful combination, lovely pink oleander.


  9. VP, thanks so much for the tomato information.

    And Cushyco, yes I do have a couple of batches of photos of the Hanbury Gardens but need more. Thanks for joggin my memory. If I find a photo or two I like, I'll put some on shortly. If not I'll have to go back and that's no hardship, it's a garden I adore. There are two photos already on the blog but weren't obvious. They are now listed under 'Villages near to Menton: La Mortola - Italy.' Just a long shot from the sea and a clematis. I think tho I'll sit down when I've xxxx hours to spare (!) and put all the garden entries under the names of the specific garden where it was taken.


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