05 May 2013

Jacqueline and Rosalie

If you want half a dozen new-laid eggs or veggies from the potager, you go the square of Gorbio around 11.30h and you'll find Jacqueline. Here she is, a delightful lady and so proud of her pet lamb, Rosalie. who is 2 months old.


Si vous désirez une demi-douzaine d'œufs frais ou des légumes du potager, vous allez sur la place de Gorbio vers 11h30 et vous trouverez Jacqueline. Voila cette charmante dame, si fière  de sa petite agnelle, Rosalie qui est âgée de 2 mois.


  1. rosalie is darling. so is jacqueline.

  2. No one, no one, would walk around here with a lamb on a leash. I have an old friend in Seattle who has a few chickens in her back yard and is considered very eccentric by the neighbors. They're right.

  3. I'd be proud, too, if I had a pet lamb.

    Bob, somewhere not too far from my house, someone has a rooster. We're narrowing it down.

  4. Bob, Jacqueline has always kept pet lambs - I've seen them follow her through the village, no lead necessary. They get fattened up and then the following year or perhaps a year after that, there will be a new one. I believe she normally keeps two at a time for company and they live just below the church.

    Petrea, I'd not be surprised if on the outskirts of cities people do keep livestock - it always surprises me in a perfect neat garden to find a few hens (plus rooster!) at the back or rabbits - all pretty easy.

    Newlaid eggs! what could be better?


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