02 May 2013


We met little Ylan the other day. Here he is at the Restaurant Beausejour in Gorbio drinking a Menthe a l'eau, which is a mint syrup mixed with water. Wonderfully refreshing.


L'autre jour, nous avons rencontré le petit Ylan. Ici, il boit une Menthe à l'eau au restaurant Beauséjour à Gorbio. Merveilleusement rafraîchissant.


  1. Good Boy, Yvan. I started drinking them when I was probably his age... and I still enjoy my Vittel menthe on a hot summer day. But then again, so do you, right, Jillly? :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. Crikey, thought that was a half pint of creme de menthe for a minute....

  3. What beautiful eyes! i know someone who will please to girls in a few years.. :o)
    Hi, Jilly!
    I'm trying to catch up, have been busy last days.
    Yes, I climbed on Trophee d'Auguste, but some years ago, before the "knee affair".. :o)

  4. what a delightful change from fizzy soft drinks we see most children drinking. Ours would love this xx

  5. Cute little boy, and a very nice composition/image you have created here.

    Looks like a tasty drink.


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