12 May 2013

The Cooking Lesson - Beignets

If you want to get your children to eat their veggies, get them to make beignets (fritters) of courgettes and auberginea, which is what these children are doing and when cooked, the beignets disappeared very quickly! Here they are making the batter.


Si vous voulez faire manger des légumes à vos enfants, faites-leur confectionner des beignets de courgettes et d'aubergines comme le font ces enfants et dès qu'ils seront cuits, ces  beignets disparaitront très rapidement! Ici, ils préparent la pâte à frire.


  1. Anonymous12 May, 2013

    I like these shots - you've handled the light quite well. For your North American visitors: Courgette = Zucchini and Aubergine = Eggplant ;-) @extradiagetic

  2. Do you have the curse of a McDonald's in Menton? I can't remember. Can't think of any children's cooking classes around here but it would be so beneficial. Most American children eat junk.


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