13 May 2013

The Cooking Lesson - Start Young!

Some children get the opportunity to learn to cook early in life and this little one certainly does. Céloine is the adorable daughter of Celine, the chef at Chez Paulo and who is teaching these children today. Such a serious look but in fact she was tired as she'd missed her nap. 


Certains enfants ont l'occasion d'apprendre à cuisiner tôt dans la vie et c'est certainement le cas de cette petite. Céloine est la fille adorable de Céline, le chef du restaurant Chez Paulo qui enseigne à ces enfants aujourd'hui. Un regard très sérieux mais qui en fait montre sa fatigue car elle avait raté sa sieste.


  1. Cooking is serious business, even for the very young by the looks of it!


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