10 May 2013

The Cooking Lesson - the Chef

Now the sandwiches are beginning to look like sandwiches. That's Celine, in the middle of the photo - the chef at the Chez Paulo, the Restaurant/Bar Les Terrasses in the village. Lucky kids!


Maintenant, les sandwiches commencent à ressembler à des sandwichs. Voici Céline, au milieu de la photo - le chef du bar-restaurant Les Terrasses, chez Paulo, au village. Chanceux enfants!


  1. Anonymous10 May, 2013

    Blogger is no longer the place to be when it comes to getting hoards of visitors or any visitors. And to get a number of them who leave a comment is becoming rare. It is easy to just go to Facebook and post the stuff there if you want people to see and read it. At least that has been my understanding. I have heard that Facebook is even making changes to make their services even better than it is. I don't know if you knew this or not as I have not seen you around for a long time.

    Your photography is still nice to see. I know that I have almost given up taking photos as I have way too many. Thousands upon thousands. Some I never saw. I just take them and store them on external hard drives.


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