14 May 2013

The Cooking Lesson - Eating the Spoils

A croque-monsieur (toasted ham and cheese sandwich) for the little girl on the left - and courgette fritters for the one on the right.

I had some of the fritters and can tell you they were delicious, with the lightest batter. These children are going to grow up good cooks!


 Un croque -monsieur pour la petite fille sur la gauche - et beignets de courgettes pour celle sur la droite.

J'ai goûté deux beignets et je peux vous dire qu'ils étaient délicieux, avec la plus légère des pâtes. Ces enfants vont grandir en  bons cuisiniers!


  1. I enjoyed a ham and cheese at my local cafe yesterday.

  2. I have two friends coming to Eze and other places this week. Just sent them you blog and told them how envious I am.
    LOVE these portraits.


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