08 March 2007

Antique shop or wine bar?

The truth is I'm not sure if this is an antique shop or a wine bar or both! It used to be the former and now, well they sell wine, but I see antique furniture inside. I guess there's only one thing for it, I'll have to find out! This place is Place aux Herbes.


  1. Maybe they serve wine in antique wine goblets, from an antique crystal decanter...or maybe the wine itself is antique...
    Yes, Jilly, you just have to bite the bullet and go inside, for our sake, bien sur ;-)

  2. I would visit and enjoy either one!

  3. Blogmistress, why don't we meet up one of these days and investigate ? I know they used to sell only antiques, then added wines (mainly from Provence) quite a few years ago. I think one can taste them on the premises ...



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