07 March 2007


This woman took advantage of a fenced off shop front - closed for renovations - to set up shop with her guitar and entertain the public with her chansons. This was just along from the main market place in Menton. Isn't that Che on her guitar?


  1. It sure looks like Alberto Korda's famous photo of Che..was she singing in Spanish, then?

  2. Hi Isabella

    She was singing in French - real French chansons.

    Looks quite a character, doesn't she?

    J x

  3. You said it! And I just noticed her yorkie(?)in the bag ...

  4. Che gets everywhere...
    Could she sing or was it just a noise..

  5. She really does look like a character, that's the least we can say! What was she singing?

  6. I was fiddling about with Comment Moderation yesterday on Monte Carlo DP and deleted a comment in error.

    On this blog, an Anonymous comment disappeared and I don't know why so here it is again. It should come before Isabell's second comment as she refers to it.

    Here it is:

    No, she was singing:
    "Love me, love my dog,
    Now we're part of Jilly's Blog !"


    Apologies, Havana. woof-woof

  7. I believe that is che and howobservant you are - I would not have noticed that - I admire these people - I would not be ale to perform out in public like that!

  8. I think it is an amazing photo and she does love her dog who is, by the way, obedient.


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