16 March 2007

Border town

Looking across the bay to Italy.


  1. That is such a placid and peaceful scene. Love the stone wall in the water.

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    Guelph Daily Photo

  2. I cannot even imagine living somewhere that I could look out and see another country. Every direction I look is the same county.

    I answered your question about the white tower in today's post and also under your comment on yesterday's post.

    Thank you for coming by. I hope you have a nice weekend. Do you ever have a bad day living where you live?

  3. Hi Jilly,
    doesn't that look inviting? I crossed into Italy that way when i visited the Hanbury Gardens in La mortola. Not Menton nor France but worth a visit.

  4. Angela

    La Mortola is my favourite garden in this region. Menton has many famous and beautiful gardens but the Hanbury Gardens at La Mortola are something else.

    There's a marvellous book about Sir Thomas Hanbury and his garden - have you read it?


  5. I'd just love to swim from France to Italy. Guess I need to keep my passport dry somehow!

  6. Beautiful shot...well captured!


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