24 March 2007

Don't park here!

This is how the local authorities stop cars parking where they shouldn't.


  1. Great way to get the message across!

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  2. A beautiful way to do that too!

  3. It's successful too. As a pedestrian I hate being forced into the road.

  4. What a nice alley...leading straight into the blue yonder...

  5. What are the balls for? To keep people from opening their parked car doors? Parking tickets do the same here in most cities. I don't think they do any good in large cities like New York. Those drivers up there stop at nothing and park where they turn the ignition keys off. We have some really crazy drivers in this country and when we drive down Internstate 70 to Florida, all the crazy drivers are passing us and they are all coming from Michigan.

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  6. I love to see this, and don't forget how good it is for us photographers!

  7. Abraham Lincoln - Funny, we say the same thing about Ohio drivers, only that they go soooo slow and need to get off the road. (Said with much neighborly affection.)

    jules from Michigan

  8. A different take on the ones at Paris. Get out there with your coloured tape!


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