11 March 2007

More fer forgé

This scene is so typical. Tall French windows to let in the light, shutters to protect from the hot Mediterranean sun and wrought iron railings. And of course oranges on the trees outside. Menton isn't famous for its citrus festival for nothing. Oranges flourish in many Menton streets with the fruit littering the pavements as the fruit falls.


  1. Nice building and I like to see the orange trees outside.

  2. There was a television program on about the French Reveria on the Discovery Channel and the fighting there during World War II. I assume you know all about it. There is a lot of history in your area.

    Ánd your comments on my honey bee picture are appreciated a lot. It seems to be a popular picture which surprised me.

  3. If this was in NYC, the fruits would be picked dry by someone at night. :-)


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