21 March 2007

Hôtel de Ville - plus today's special offer...

This is Menton's Town Hall - entrance framed by what I think are ornamental bananas. Strangely the ornamentation at the top of the building (detail below) is covered in a protective cloth and I'm not sure why. It looks newly painted but why would it need covering? Can anyone answer this?


  1. Perhaps the sun's shining too brightly on the gold paint and its giving all the tourists a headache.
    It's a smart building for sure and the entrance looks very grand.

  2. Maybe the paint is still tacky and we don't want any pigeon poop sticking to it ;-)
    And those trees are definitely bananas - I just saw one today, flowering - gorgeous!
    So what kind of food do they serve at "Le Balico"?

  3. very interesting.....for the life of me though I can't imagine why the ornamentation is covered.

  4. The mesh is to keep the birds off. Usually used only while its being cleaned, sometimes the mesh is left on because it also holds crumbling pieces together and stops them falling to the ground below.


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