01 March 2007

Daily Photo Theme - Men at Work - whoops...

This rather spectacular crash happened one morning a couple of weeks ago just below the autoroute that runs from France to Italy. It happened near to my village, Gorbio. The lorry, with a crane attached, crashed 20 metres over the side of the autoroute's service road. Here you see the truck about 20 mins after it fell. The construction workers have clambered down the hillside to try and prevent the truck falling further down the valley to the river below. Fortunately no one was in the crane when this happened. About a week later an enormous crane was brought to the site to get the fallen vehicle up again.

Today is Daily Photo's Theme day which is Men at Work. Please visit the following DP websites to see Men at Work all around our wonderful world.

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  1. Wow! Very dramatic "Men at Work" photo! Seems the one guy positioned below the truck is in a risky spot!!

  2. oh my! this is so spectacular!
    And do you know how the driver ends?

  3. How lucky nobody got hurt!
    Are you now our "reporter on site"?
    Great catch, Jilly!

    PS The list of the participating DPs should be copied to the "Edit Html" page in Blogger (so it only shows the cities, not url addresses).

  4. Chris and Deb, that's exactly what I thought. It looked as if the truck could fall onto them. My neighbour suggested I send the pic to Nice-Matin but I didn't, thinking it might get them into trouble. I didn't need to be so kind - the next day, there it was in Nice-Matin and a better photograph than mine!

    Dsole, no, no one was hurt, thankfully. I gather it went over the side with no one in it. How that happened, goodness knows?

    And Isabella, yeah, I'm your roving south of France reporter now, doncha know!

    Thanks for that advice on the html. I worked it out just before you wrote but am grateful you did so. I'll get it right next time.

  5. Oh my god! I wouldn't like to be in the shoes of that guy below the truck.

  6. What an opportune photo! Were you on the other side of the river?

  7. tres bonne photo, la vue est superbe. Bravo.

    very good photograph, the sight is superb. Cheer.

  8. I could imagine how this kind of accident could happen considering the curvy roads! Most dramatic photo!

  9. A most unusual photograph! Happy no-one was injured.

  10. These men seem to have gone to great lengths to have a smoke (smoking now being banned in many places in France) !



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