06 March 2007

Granny's Day

Sunday was the Fête de Grandmère and here you see people in Carnoles, waiting to buy flowers for their Mamie (granny). The queue at the back is to get into the bread shop. Do you have a Granny's Day in your country? I'd never heard of it before last Sunday.


  1. Granny Day! How wonderful! This is the first time I've heard of it.

  2. Great photo--I think the card companies advertise Grandparents Day in the USA, but no-one either knows of it or pays attention to it. I wish that it would be well-established!!

  3. Some visitors to France may get the wrong impression when they see the lengthy queues outside some bread shops. They know France's economic climate is far from rosy and wonder if rationing has been brought in ...


  4. Love the notion of Granny's Day (flowers always welcome). And surely not even the dimmest tourist would seriously read negative economic indicators into queues at a bread shop. Seems to me it's more an indicator of Good Bread! Whenever I'm in Paris, I always look for the boulangeries with Long Lines (and the most Grannies!).

    Lily Garland

  5. I'll have to check to see when Grandparent's Day is in the US because I have a special grandma to celebrate!

  6. I'd never heard of it either. I think it's a nice idea but it's all about marketing and making money, isn't it? Same as Mother's Day.


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