09 September 2007

17th Journées Méditerranéennes du Jardin

Each year, two days are dedicated in September to a wonderful garden fair on the Esplanade Francis Palmero, below the Old Town. This photo shows one tiny part of it and I'll show more detailed joys of the plants and people in future postings. The place was packed, impossible to find a parking place -it's a hot day and the visitors are out in force.

Throughout the two days of the fair, there are guided visits to all the famous gardens of Menton. There are facilities for children to make flower hats, learn pottery or how to grow a vegetable. There's are displays of wondrous old cars by the Automobile Club of Menton (I'll show some of these too at a later date) but most of all there are plants and trees to buy - orchids, roses, palms, cycads, tillisandia, bulbs, trees, shrubs. There's a slight breeze and with it comes the wonderful aroma of rosemary, thyme and tuberose. Can you smell it?


  1. C'est amusant, il y a un évènement
    similaire à Nantes ce week end - la Folie des Plantes. Mais je n'y suis pas allée.

  2. I can't smell anything right now... it's cool here (already!). And I mean cool-cool, so I caught a cold.
    But I enjoy your pictures... God bless you.

  3. A garden fair sounds like a brilliant idea. We have nothing like that anywhere around here. I would certainly attend one.

  4. Wonderful, wonderful. Enjoying the sights, scents and sounds right now!

  5. Oh that should smell wonderful! I love Garden fairs :)

  6. Yes, I can...yes, I can...yes, I can (or is that from The Little Engine that Could" ;-))

    Great event - something like journées du patrimoine in Paris?

  7. I'd love to wander those gardens.

    --steve buser
    New Orleans Daily Photo

  8. What a wonderful event - you have described it so vividly with your words and your photo.

    Wish I could go!!


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