13 September 2007

Border town

This is the border between France and Italy, taken from the Italian side. The flat grey-roofed building is Italian - and just beyond, you can just see the top of a white-roofed building - the French one. These days cars generally go through without being stopped but much depends on your number plate and also if it's a Friday or not. On Fridays - market day in Ventimiglia - the police often stop cars to confiscate any 'copy handbags' or 'copy' anything else, come to that. Sometimes a holidaymaker will buy a pair of sunglasses from a street trader or a stall in Ventimiglia, not even realising they are perhaps a Gucci copy - and then, at the border, will find they have to pay a massive fine as well as having their new purchase taken away.

In the distance you see the port of Garavan and Menton Old Town.


  1. I found this to be most interesting to read and then see if I can find the reference in the photo. I also liked the part about the white roofed building being a place to stop people coming and going. Nice post, Jilly.

  2. Your post today evoked more memories for me. I stopped in Ventimiglia for dinner with my mother one evening. We sat across the street from the sea, looking out as the sun set. Lovely memories.

  3. Jilly - am off on leave to see my daughters and then we are all off to Vietnam, so just called in to say au revoir!!

    Even though I’ll be away I hope you can still pop in for a visit as I have been slaving over a hot computer putting a month of posts into drafts – I have blisters on my fingers. I have even got my October Theme day organized – how dedicated is that????

    There will be plenty to see but I won't be able to visit you until I get back.

    Take care - see you in a month!!!

  4. If I remember right they will charge you a fine that is equal to the cost of the real item. In other words a Gucci fake will cost what a real one would cost and you still lose the item. Rumor is that they also check the trains.

  5. Do they have border guards there?

  6. Seems someone ought to be warning people.

    --steve buser
    New Orleans Daily Photo

  7. Hello
    I like to see the differences about Italy and France because it is not easy to see if you are in Italy or in France when you live near a border.


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