11 September 2007

Woman in pink

Noisette at Restaurant Le Lido. A noisette is a small strong espresso with just a touch of milk. Sometimes the milk is served separately, as here - but more often it comes with just a little froth on top of the espresso. I adore the confidence of this woman and the stylish exhuberance of her clothes and hat.


  1. Beautiful composition in pink Jilly!
    Great posture she is taking, and the cafe terrace furniture is so typical too!

    I love the "noisette", the touch of milk is a great way to adjust to the strong mediterranean coffee for those who aren't used to it.

    I am startled by the painting of the cross at the back. Looks like a typical protestant "croix huguenote"... don't know what to make of it?

  2. The photo is creative in placement and choice of subjects. The lady, has carpal tunnel syndrome? Her left hand appears to be in an elastic device to stop wrist movement.

    She is flat-chested by design or nature. In any event she is dressed like a kind of model with something white hanging out around her knees.


  3. An attitude and confidence you find all over the Riviera, I find. Wish I could bottle it and bring it over here.

  4. I like the secuence of cahirs and tables, pink girl has an interesting posture... you can think a lot of situations to her just seeing the pic :)

  5. Black fingerless lace gloves, that's a sexy touch. :) Love the hat.

  6. She looks fabulous - great catch!

  7. lol at Abe's expert observations! I missed the flat chest! ;) Ha!

    Like fenix I thought those were gloves too. But maybe Abe is right.

    And I do believe that white thing wrapped around her knees might just be the hem of her skirt.

    Very nice shot Jilly. I love everything about this picture...except maybe that painting in the background :-/

  8. What a mystery - I would think gloves with a summery outfit like that a bit over the top, so maybe it is a wrist support????

    The hat and top look lovely together and what a wonderful aura of confidence she exhibits!!!

  9. I love how she is sitting yet seems to be very confident in who she is...lovely.

  10. Well, Abraham noticed everything! Love her hat!!


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