20 September 2007


Many people come to the Côte d'Azur, not to lie on the beaches but to go walking or rambling in the hills and mountains. After all, our départment is called the Alpes-Maritimes. Here you see a sign in the village of Gorbio showing various randonée and giving the length of time any particular hike will take.


  1. I wish I could read all languages. I would be lost looking at this sign. The last line must mean something like a trip around Bausson? Cascade du Ray must have something to do with water falling somewhere. You see how hopeless I am.

    Where was I in 1953?

  2. I'm game for all the hikes listed...except the Bausson ;-)

    Have you done them all?

  3. I've done the first three, Isabella - that's all. In fact the first one - to the Chapelle is the one we all did - remember we did a 'walk to the chapel?'


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