10 September 2007

Beach tree

One of the public beaches below the Old Town. Trees included.

(Am away for a few days but will still be posting each day. Really sorry tho I won't be able to Comment. Will catch up on your wonderful blogs on my return).


  1. A tree on the beach is such a good idea. Mother Nature does sometimes have the grandest plan!

  2. Jilly, is that a photo you took THESE last days? If so, I'm starting to pack and I'm on my way there (after I win the lottery, of course:). In my world there is rain and grey sky...

  3. How different.....wonder how it survives?

  4. How relaxing the beach is :)

    neva, funny enough we have trees like that on beaches in the Caribbean as well. I often wonder how they manage to stay so green and look so healthy, but they do.


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