23 September 2007

Sainte Agnès - 1

Let me introduce you to the perched village of Ste. Agnès: at more than 800 metres above sea-level, it is the highest village, with a view of the sea, in the whole of Europe. And what a spectacular panoramic view it provides. Below you can see the view from a platform at one end of the village. (The camera faced the sun this morning, but another time I'll take better photos of the view).

Legend has it that an Italian princess named Agnès was trapped in these hills by a sudden violent storm . She prayed to her patron saint and found shelter in one of the four grottoes in the area. Agnès then built a sanctuary in the rocks which quickly attracted local inhabitants and so the village got its name.

Come back tomorrow and I'll show you the fort that is part of the Maginot Line.


  1. What a view! What a village! What a legend!

  2. You bet I'll come back tomorrow... and the day after tomorrow... and the day after...

  3. Wow! Stunning! Wasn't Agnes lucky to be trapped there? I only get trapped in elevators ;-)

  4. Interesting story and a beautiful view of and from the town.

  5. Breathless, I feel breathless looking at the beautiful village, and at the height of the platform. Can't wait for tomorrow.

  6. The views from up here must be absolutely fantastic Jilly.

    Thanks for your recent comments at
    South Shields Daily Photo


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