08 September 2007

Jean-Paul Lascaris

Castellar is a beautiful medieval perched village 6 kilometres north of Menton. I'll show you more photographs of this lovely village in future postings but wanted to post today as it's the 350th anniversary of the death of Jean-Paul Lascaris. You can see part of the baroque-style Lascaris palace , formerly the residence of the Counts of Lascaris, which dates back to the early 17th century. Jean-Paul Lascaris was born in Castellar in 1560 and died at the age of 97. He is particularly known for his contribution to the military history of Malta. This weekend Castellar has many celebrations in his honour.


  1. Oh I love that tiled roof on the dome!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your pics of Castellar.

    Did I ever mention how much I love visiting Menton DP? :)

  2. I so love your town - it's like no place else!

  3. Wonderful photos as always Jilly
    I feel I am actually walking down the street with you.

    The colours are just so beautiful.

  4. Those are such warm photos!

    And Lascaris lived to such a ripe old age - very unusual for those times...

    Jilly, I am thrilled to present you with both The Schmooze and The Animal Lover awards! You deserve it, girl ;-)

    (You can just copy them from my post).

  5. Everything looks neat and orderly and spruced up, ready for the celebration. It's lovely there, isn't it Jilly.

  6. Jilly the top shot is a winner, it looks such a cool place for lounging around in the heat with a long cool one!

    South Shields Daily Photo

  7. I like this photo a lot. It takes me to charming old towns in Europe in my mind.

    Norwich Daily Photo

  8. This plces look like other places in Mexico.

    Nice photos



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