27 September 2007

Le Saint-Yves

Mid-morning and time for coffee at Le Saint-Yves. On the terrace (see below) the tables are ready for lunch. Good, simple, cheap food (there's a 16 euros menu, for instance) and with a view that's worth a good deal more. Pasta is excellent - friends approve of the braised rabbit. You can also stay at this hotel and at a very reasonable tarif too.


  1. Oh la la ça me donne déjà faim et il n'est pas encore 11h30!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi It’s me from Vietnam!!! Am waiting in the Victoria Hotel Sapa for our bus to the o/n train back to Hanoi. Having a wonderful time - great food and people.
    Many thanks for visitng while I have been away

  3. What a beautiful view! I would love to stay in this hotel.

  4. What a view. Talk about a refreshing morning coffee...
    -steve buser
    New Orleans Daily Photo

  5. What a great place! Jilly, when you say "cheap" food, what do you mean? Can you give me a couple of examples? I tried reading the blackboards but the print is too small. Also, 53 Euros per person, I think it says pension complete (all meals), yes? That's a VERY good deal!

  6. Fenix,

    I've now added a link to the hotel/restaurant website. Menus start at 16 euros, normally for 3 courses so far as I remember. The hotel is 35 euros per night for two people - now that's cheap!

  7. Crikey, Jilly,
    That is one most attractive hotel. You were right, the vista from la terrasse is a corker; and 35 euros a night !! I have just added Sainte Agnès to my 2008 itenerary. Thanks.
    Mon professeur français vient de Menton. Il sera jaloux ! !

  8. Nights ar edrwaing in and it's getting nippy....soon the English Mi'lords will be there to promenade through the winter

  9. What a jewel of a place! Thanks for sharing this find with us...

    So, what did you enjoy for lunch?

  10. The view from the terrace must be breathtaking. It doesn't seem fair that some areas are surrounded by so much beauty while others are just plain ordinary!

  11. OMG, what a beautiful restaurant. I love the terrace dining area.

    16 Euros = US$24 now. YIKES!!!!!!


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