24 April 2011

An Angel for Easter

A fragment of a fresco from 1606 in Ventimiglia's beautiful church in Ventimiglia Alta. Ventimiglia is just across the Italian border from Menton.

Blogging brings many joys and two of the best ever are staying here at the moment...the beautiful (in every way) Brattcat and her divine Mr. Brattcat.

We three send you Easter Greetings. Happy Easter, everyone!


Un fragment d'une fresque peinte en 1606 qui se trouve dans la magnifique église de Ventimiglia Alta, le centre médiéval de Vintimille. Vintimille et Menton se situent de part et d'autre de la frontière franco italienne.

Le blogging apporte beaucoup de joie et actuellement, deux des meilleurs blogueurs sont mes invités...la belle (dans tous les sens) Brattcat et son divin M. Brattcat.

Nous vous adressons toutes nos salutations pour Pâques. Joyeuses Pâques à tous!


  1. Beautiful old art for today.
    Easter joy to you and your guests.

  2. Goodie ... that the cats Bratt are your guests. I hope that the sun shines upon each of you, and that you find lonely clouds to follow.

  3. I was delighted to read on Brattcat's blog that she was headed your way. We look forward to doing the same some day.

  4. Beautiful, Jilly. You are fortunate to be so close to Italy, so you can quickly go back and forth between two wonderful cultures.

  5. Happiness to you and your guests. Happy Easter!

  6. A joyous Easter to you, dear Jilly! I looked for an angel for my Easter post and I see that you have found a perfect one for the day.

    Enjoy the Brattcats!


  7. Joyeuses Pâques to you and the Brattcats! How wonderful that you guys can celebrate together.

  8. Well, happy Easter to all of you!

  9. Jilly

    Happy Easter to you and your guests, how delightful,


  10. Sorry I missed this yesterday Jilly. It's a lovely Easter reminder.


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