27 April 2011

Shower Child

The rain has gone, the sun is back and children play in the showers on the Sablettes beach.


La pluie a cessé, le soleil est de retour et les enfants jouent avec les douches sur la plage des Sablettes.


  1. This is quite magical, Jilly. It is one thing to have seen the possibility for this shot, and something extra indeed to have waited for the sunlight just thus.


  2. That photo is just fantastic!!!! I always like your photos, but this one...! Bravo!!

  3. Julie, the truth is I was simply walking past, saw the children playing, saw the light was perfect and snapped. Serendipity!

    Thanks so much to you and Sharon and Peter x

  4. We saw similar sights around here yesterday only our showers were definitely rain! love this shot though!

  5. from that little seashell of an ear to those delicate painted fingers, she is so appealing. the shower of water is like a protective embrace around her fragility. beautifully captured.

  6. Well Brattcat said it far better than I could. I'll add that this is just another of your fabulous portraits my dear!


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