03 April 2011

The Lizard King

'I am the lizard king. I can do anything.' ~ Jim Morrison


'Je suis le roi lézard. Je peux faire tout.' ~ Jim Morrison


  1. Jilly, "I can do anything" is "Je peux faire tout". "I CAN'T do anything" could be "je ne peux rien faire".

  2. Nadege

    I put the English into Google translate everyday and then my very kind neighbour checks it for me. She is French. However, she doesn't speak English and therefore if the sentence is gramatically correct she would have assumed that what I presented her with is what I meant. If you see what I mean. And I confess with all the dramas of the new dog left on my doorstep, I didn't majorly check it out. I'll change it now. Thanks.

  3. Ah well...the Doors translated probably doesn't work quite as well...but the photo says it all!!!

  4. Ah lizard days in the sun so sweet,,,
    A new dog?



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