22 April 2011

Promenade le Corbusier - Au Naturel

We are very near to Le Corbusier's cabanon now and because we've moved away from the grand Belle Epoque villas of Cap Martin, there are no iron bars or heavy wire fencing to keep walkers out of the grand gardens.


Nous sommes ici très près du cabanon du Corbusier et comme nous nous éloignons de la grande villa Belle Epoque du Cap Martin, il n'y a plus de barres de fer ou des lourdes clôtures en fil barbelé qui empêchent les promeneurs d'entrer dans les grands jardins.


  1. What a delightful escape to the countryside.

  2. The worn path and blue sea is perfectly framed with the canopy of trees... The stone bench is a nice addition.

    Bon weekend,

  3. Not quite the 'au natural' I was thinking it might be ... Your subject has kept an agile looking shape. Would that I ...


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