17 April 2011

Promenade le Corbusier - Three Little Tractors

Today we are a little further advanced and are not far from the railway station of Roquebrune Cap Martin. We are looking down on the gardens of a grand house that is undergoing renovation - as you can see by the tractors in the garden.


Aujourd'hui, nous avons avancé sur la promenade et nous ne sommes pas loin de la gare de Roquebrune Cap Martin. Nous regardons vers le bas dans les jardins d'une grande maison en cours de rénovation - comme vous pouvez le voir grâce aux tracteurs qui s'y trouvent.


  1. That is at the former Dino De Laurentiss mansion right? I was there last September 2010 on my way to Eileen Gray's former villa.

    I miss the French Riviera so much, can hardly wait to come back late this summer.

    Thank you for the fabulous pictures and always rekindling memories. You do a great job, very much from the heart.

  2. Nothing evokes a good time and people watching more than the word:


    Such a fun photo.

  3. This area looks so inviting. Run, walk, sit. It seems to have it all. btw Seen Kitty yet? Say hi!

  4. Jameson, thanks for that info and for kind words.

    Birdman, Kitty arrives on Friday!

  5. Like Jameson, you make me miss the Riviera, but unlike Jameson, I've never been there!

  6. It looks wonderful. I haven't been there yet, either, but it is climbing the bucket list.

  7. Looks like the tractor drivers have taken a little beach break! :) Who wouldn't!


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