29 April 2011

Love, Amour, Amore...

'What the world really needs is more love and less paper work.' ~ Pearl Bailey

Long life and happiness to Prince William and Kate Middleton!


Ce dont le monde a vraiment besoin c'est plus d'amour et moins de paperasserie.' ~ Pearl Bailey

Longue vie et bonheur au Prince William et à Kate Middleton!


  1. Beautiful photos! Thanks for the welcome!

  2. Was in front of Skynews from 9h15 to 14h45!!!
    What a dream! :o)

  3. a toast to all couples at the beginning of their journey...may they always remember the bliss of their early days, may that bliss carry them over the bumps and hazards ahead.

  4. Your photo love Jilly are unique ! You had to be in London yesterday for taking Kate and William, none better than you

  5. Such a perfect photo for the day . . .such a great focus.


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