25 October 2011

Bordighera - the Post Office

Bordighera Alta. If you walk into a sunlit square and see this post office, you know immediately you will love this place. I did ...


Bordighera Alta . Si vous arrivez sur une place ensoleillées et voyez ce bureau de poste , vous savez immédiatement que vous allez adorer cet endroit. Ce que j'ai fait ...


  1. And we do, just by seeing your pictures!
    I hope you're well,even with the orange alert!

  2. It does have such a lot of character Jilly. Your top picture from the last post is a beautifully mysterious image of shadows and light, fabulous!

  3. Oh, I know . . .you walk in and they say, Ciao, bella! Va bene?

  4. That looks so much like the post office of years ago in Corconnes, France, in Le Gard, but of course with an Italian sign.

  5. Yes, I do love the photos of Bordighera. It is one of the places I would like to see some day so many more of your lovely photos would be welcome.


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