24 October 2011

Bordighera - Shadowland

Bordighera is a seaside town just beyond Ventimiglia across the Italian border. It's known as the City of Palms and during Holy Week the Vatican uses the fronds of Bordighera's palms to the exclusion of all others.

I spent half a day in Bordighera recently when I went there to meet up with the lovely and talented Nathalie from Avignon in Photos who was staying there.

These shots were taken as we wandered the beautiful old town, known as Alta Bordighera.

More tomorrow...


Bordighera est une ville balnéaire juste après Vintimille à la frontière italienne. Elle est connue comme la Ville des Palmiers et pendant la Semaine Sainte le Vatican utilise les palmes des arbres de Bordighera à l'exclusion de tous autres.

Récemment, j'ai passé une demi-journée à Bordighera quand j'y suis allée pour rencontrer la belle et talentueuse Nathalie d'Avignon en Photos qui séjournait là.

Ces photos ont été prises alors que nous nous promenions dans la belle vieille ville, connue comme Alta Bordighera.

Plus demain...


  1. Looks a long wait for that glimpse of light, perfect.

  2. I just have to come down there soon again! :-)

  3. Nice that you and Nathalie get together. I admire her photography as well.

    Your top photo is the mastery of an extraordinary challenge of a few spots of bright light and the remainder of the scene much darker. The camera's exposure settings are much less flexible than the human eye.

  4. You choose the spots I would walk. . .love these little Italian towns . . .

  5. The light in the top photo is perfect. There is the right contrast between light and dark. Both ere neither too light or too dark. Bravo!

  6. Oh this is gorgeous. I love the one above as well.


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