18 October 2011

A Village Wedding - Dog Poop

Just in case you think everything is perfect in Gorbio...

Here we have a beautifully dressed lady who has walked in dog poop. This lady shouldn't be cleaning her shoes when she is a guest at a wonderful wedding.

People who own dogs, whether they live in the village or are visitors, should pick up their dog's poop!


Juste au cas où vous pensez que tout est parfait à Gorbio...

Nous voyons ici une dame bien habillée qui a marché sur des déjections canines. Cette dame ne devrait pas avoir à nettoyer ses chaussures alors qu'elle est invitée à un si beau mariage.

Les propriétaires de chiens, qu'ils vivent au village ou qu'ils le visitent , doivent ramasser les déjections de leurs animaux !


  1. Another Ooops!

  2. Oh no. A sobering dose of reality. My son lives in Buenos Aires and when asked what is the worst aspect of living there, he says, without hesitation, that people do not pick up after their dogs.

    Some of the dog walkers there with have 10 or more dogs on leashes at the same time. They in particular do not bother to pick up after the dogs.

  3. Yes, absolutely true. And you are something on an expert on dog poop, no? Your readers may not be generally aware of this.

  4. Before I saw what you wrote (besides the title) I thought, too bad! Everything else is perfect! Perfect dress, perfect legs, perfect shoes, perfect manicure. And then dog poop!

    Jilly and I are both experts on this subject. It's not so hard to clean up after a dog, and when we clean up after them it makes everyone a dog lover.

  5. I would want to clean my shoe(s) if I stepped in doggy-doo. Better than walking around with the stink. But then maybe nobody would get too close! :-)


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