14 October 2011

A Village Wedding - le Vin d'Honneur

The church service is over, rose petals and rice have been thrown, and the guests pour out of the medieval village to the beautifully decorated square for drinks and good things to eat.


La cérémonie à l'église est terminée, pétales de rose et riz ont été lancés, et les invités quittent le village médiéval pour la place magnifiquement décorée pour le vin d'honneur.


  1. I guess all the people of the village were invited!

  2. It appears that the splash of color on the waist of the bartender is color coordinated with the dress and shirt of the couple in the background center of the photo. That is the type of detail that a painter might do.

  3. jilly, these are marvelous!

  4. And now the festivities begin, this has been a beautiful event to follow Jilly.


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