11 October 2011

A Village Wedding - the Rose Petals

The wedding ceremony is over and the congregation leaves the church. Two young girls hold shallow baskets filled with rose petals which they offer to the guests. Later, the petals will be thrown at the happy couple when they appear on the steps.


La cérémonie de mariage est terminée et le cortège quitte l'église. Deux jeunes filles tiennent des petits paniers remplis de pétales de rose qu'elles offrent aux invités. Plus tard, ceux ci les jeteront sur l'heureux couple lorsqu'il apparaitra au seuil de l'église.


  1. It's been so great to follow his wedding through it's different stages Jilly, and in all the pictures everyone has been so elegant, the lady 'of a certain age' in the top picture, with her hair pulled back in a such a simple way, looks stunning.

  2. Throwing rose petals seems like a good alternative to rice. Maybe this is a recent trend. I haven't been to a wedding in a while. I have one coming up, though. My oldest son's!

  3. ahh, to be showered with rose petals...

  4. These shots are amazing! The look on the peoples faces, the colors,stunning! It reminds me of the Wedding scene from the Movie Letters to Juliet :)

    Aside from Rose Petals, Rice are being thrown to the newlyweds here in the Philippines. We got it from the Indians :)

    Greetings from the Philippines!


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