13 October 2011

A Village Wedding - the Look of Love

There is no hiding the look of love between these two and of course there had to be the obligatory kiss for the photographers but is the priest having a private word with God?

And in case you are wondering - that is rice in the bride's hair and on her face. Rose petals have landed where they will.


Il n'y a pas de doute sur le regard d'amour entre ces deux-la et bien sûr c'est le baiser obligatoire pour les photographes, mais est-ce avec Dieu que le prêtre s'entretient en privé?

Et au cas où vous vous posez la question, dans les cheveux et sur le visage de la mariée c'est du riz que l'on voit alors que les pétales de rose se sont posés où ils ont pu.


  1. From the beginning of your series, these two have looked so happy to be marrying each other! Congratulations and best wishes to them.

  2. aww, Jilly, if only you could see the smiles you've brought to every face gazing on this wonderful post.

  3. So lovely, Jilly. I adore your series because it shows the total joy and beauty and love and support that accompanies the beginning of their union. Thank you!

  4. Glenda made me a pasta dinner last night, as Julie is out of town, and we talked about your series of photos of the wedding while watching a baseball game on TV that was very important to me.

    Somehow, I think that is a scene that would never be shown in a beer commercial on TV. A guy watching the big game on TV with his mother-in-law while talking about a village wedding in France.

  5. Perfect landing for the rose petals, both on the bride and groom :-)

    and between them, the look of love indeed.

  6. Les pétales de rose se sont posés sur le coeur des mariés, c'est très bon signe !

  7. Dear Jilly,

    I just caught up with the whole wedding (& prep) & absolutely loved every photo. I'm so happy to have been able to see these. xoxo/Susan

  8. Oh what a photo Jilly. Love the rice and petals perfectly placed. And yes, the priest is asking blessings for this lovely couple.


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