22 October 2011

A Village Wedding - Hugs & Kisses

There's a lot of hugging and kissing goes on at weddings which is no surprise when there is such a happy bride.


Comme dans tous les mariages, il y a beaucoup d'accolades et d' embrassades ce qui n'est pas une surprise avec une mariée si heureuse.


  1. la prremière est trop belle
    longue vie aux mariés

  2. Nice. You must have taken the "get in close" photography lesson.

  3. Hi Jilly, have just been catching up on the wedding series that I've missed over last few days. Grandmother's proud face is just too wonderful, the lady in dog poop made me laugh, I did the very same thing in Paris and the Basset asleep in the middle of the proceedings is priceless! Excellent series.


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