08 October 2011

A Village Wedding - Gorbio Genetics

Do you think the women of Gorbio are born with a gene that allows them to walk on the cobblestones wearing high heels?


Pensez-vous que les femmes de Gorbio sont nées avec un gène qui leur permet de marcher sur les pavés en portant des talons hauts ?


  1. yes. and i think they are all born with a gene for beautiful legs.

  2. Oh la la, les legs! Les shoes! Glad you were at the wedding with your blogger camera!

  3. This reminds me of my parents taking me to the 1964 Democratic National Convention, which was held in the Convention Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey. We had to walk down the boardwalk to get there. The planks are laid out on an angle.

    About every third of fourth step my mother's heels would get stuck in the gaps between the planks. It became my job, as a 13-year-old, to reach down and yank her heels out of the boardwalk.

  4. Yes, and I think it is a gene they share with the Mentonaises, jilly. I could not believe the shoes the women on the rue Longue were wearing for everyday! I had one pair of 1-inch heels for special occasions, but I never wore them on the OLD rue Longue (before the renovation). I was more afraid of breaking my legs, than making them look more beautiful, I guess.

  5. They must be because I've seen many photos on your site of gorgeous young women in very, very high heels. I always wonder how the do it. I know that I couldn't.

  6. I think they have realized early how fantastic high shoes make your legs look and would wear them however difficult it was, it's something I think no man will ever understand haha! Gorgeous shots Jilly.


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