18 June 2012

Fête des Limaces - the Penitents

The Penitents Blancs (White Penitents) of Gorbio, along with the priest of course, will lead the procession through the village. They will be followed by Penitents from Monaco, from Italy and from other hill villages around Gorbio - all are part of the Confrerie of Penitents and have been invited by the Penitents Blancs of Gorbio to participate.

These photos show some of the penitents before the church service which precedes the procession. .

Tomorrow: Fulvia from Dolceacqua.


Les Pénitents Blancs de Gorbio, et le prêtre, bien sûr, conduisent la procession à travers le village. Ils sont suivis par des Pénitents de Monaco, d'Italie et d'autres villages situés sur les  collines autour de Gorbio - ils font tous partie de la Confrérie des Pénitents et ont été invités à participer par les Pénitents Blancs de Gorbio.

Ces photos montrent quelques-uns des pénitents avant le service religieux qui précède la procession. 

Demain: Fulvia de Dolceacqua. 


  1. Very colorful. You must have been very unobtrusive - they don't seem to know you are there! Nice candids.

  2. Nikon, I wasn't so close as you will see in the last photo (the first of course is simply a part of that photo). I use a 50 mm fixed lens, no zoom and just click away amongst the action.

  3. I guess you had no reason to be a penitent yourself, just a good observer! :-)


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