05 June 2012

Wedding Day - Playtime in the Village Square

It wouldn't be a Gorbio wedding if children didn't play in the 'place.' They play on and around the Centennial Fountain, built in 1902 and which served as a watering place for mules and donkeys. The fountain has two side shells which represent baskets on a donkey's back. This fountain is used to this day whenever horses and donkeys are brought down to the square for a drink.

This is our last day at the wedding of Estelle and Patrick. Long life and happiness to them.


Il n'y a pas un mariage à Gorbio sans des enfants qui jouent sur la place . Ils jouent sur ​​et autour de la fontaine du Centenaire , construite en 1902 et qui servait de point d'eau  pour les mulets et les ânes . La fontaine a deux coques latérales qui représentent des paniers sur le dos d'un âne . Cette fontaine est encore  utilisée à ce jour chaque fois que les chevaux et les ânes sont ramenés sur la place pour s'abreuver.

C'est notre dernier jour au mariage de Estelle et Patrick . Longue  vie et  bonheur pour eux.


  1. Beautiful B&W shots, Jilly!

  2. They chose a donkey-saddle design for the fountain in 1902, just before donkeys were largely replaced by automobiles.

    I have never seen a fountain using the design of an automobile. I wonder why, given the love people have for the design of automobiles.

  3. One of the advantages with a little calm village like Gorbio; the kids can play around and the parents don't have to be too worried! :-)

  4. And as much as I loved all the wedding photos J illy, of course this one gets my vote! What a delight it is.

  5. So nice they used the form of donkey baskets.
    I love to see the old trough-like fountains around Europe.


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