04 June 2012

Wedding Day -the Restaurant Beausejour Team

Meet the Restaurant Beausejour team: at the back, owner Yvan Bracco.  Sitting on the left is his father, Monsieur Bracco (he used to own and run the restaurant as did his father).  On the right is Quentin, Yvan's son, (he's the guitarist with 'Can't Bear This Party').  Next to him, centre is Clement, a cousin. Sitting on the right is Manon, Yvan's daughter, who is studying law.  Next to her is Léa, a second cousin.  Everyone, except Grandpapa, works in the restaurant but the most important person is not in this photo - Naila, Yvan's wife and mother to Quentin and Manon, who is chef and who is responsible for the beautiful decor in the restaurant.


Voici l'équipe du Restaurant Le Beauséjour: à l'arrière plan,  Yvan Bracco le propriétaire. Assis sur la gauche se trouve son père, M. Bracco (il  possédait et  dirigeait le restaurant comme déjà le faisait déjà son père). Sur la droite, c'est Quentin, le fils d'Yvan, (c'est le guitariste du groupe 'Can't Bear This Party'). A côté de lui, au centre c'est Clément, le cousin. Assise à droite, voici  Manon, la fille d'Yvan, qui étudie le droit. A côté d'elle on voit Léa, la petite cousine. Tout ce monde à l'exception du grand père, travaille au restaurant, mais la personne la plus importante n'est pas sur cette photo. Il s'agit de  NaÏla, la femme d'Yvan et la maman de Quentin et Manon qui est le chef de cuisine et la responsable de la très belle décoration du restaurant.


  1. All good lookers! ;-)

  2. My reaction is the same as Brattcat's. How could you, of all people, Jilly, overlook the dog? Maybe it was because the dog is color coordinated with the black, white and grey clothes of the family.

    It is nice to see the restaurant being a multi-generational family affair. It is also handy to have one lawyer in the family. I hope it does not proove ot be too handy.

  3. Apologies. The dog has appeared on Riviera Dogs several times so I was thinking regulars knew her. The Beausejour owns two dogs, a Basset Hound called Boutchette and this little dog, a shihtzu called Galinette.

    Here is the last entry. You'll find a link to her as a tiny pup in a cup!


  4. Love them all - please pass on my regards to the team !


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