20 June 2012

Fête des Limaces - Looking for the Loo

Sometimes a lady needs help in finding the loo.

It's tucked away under the archway you see in the smallest photo.


Parfois, une dame a besoin d'aide pour trouver les toilettes.

Elles se trouvent à l'écart sous la voûte que vous voyez dans la plus petite photo.


  1. I generally prefer B&W, but the red is so brilliant!

  2. Nikon, yes I did wonder if I'd used the right photo for the main one. I'll post the second one on Facebook too, I think. I too loved that red. Thanks.

  3. Hah! Usually I am the one looking for the loo.

    Most of the time I prefer color, but this black and white image works for me.

  4. Here, the sound of the words would be interpreted as looking for The Lou. I hope she and I both find it.

  5. I love the tennis shoes under the religious garments.


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