15 June 2012


This man is Italian and is reading an Italian newspaper in Italy. In the background is Menton which of course is in France. No surprise therefore that Menton has such an Italian look and atmosphere. You are as likely to hear Italian spoken in Menton market as French.


Cet homme est italien et il est  en train de  lire un journal italien en Italie . Dans le fond, c'est Menton qui se trouve bien sûr en France. Pas de surprise donc si Menton a un air et une ambiance tellement italiens. On est  plus susceptibles d'entendre parler italien que français au marché de Menton.


  1. Anonymous15 June, 2012

    What great shots - wonderful colour control and depth of field. Really captures Menton's profile.

    Menton only voted to join France in 1860.


  2. This is a beautiful shot!

  3. I like his red jacket. It's also very Italian to me (dito for France) that a lot of -also older- people are still smoking. They seem very relaxed about it and I'm not sure if they die earlier.
    P.s. I'm a quitter myself...

  4. Gorgeous shot! Makes me want to be there right now.

  5. I love the shot of Menton from Italy. You are definitely right about Menton looking very Italian. Have a good weekend.


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