02 June 2012

Wedding Day - the Silver Suit

Meet the official wedding photographer.  Very dapper in his silver suit with black lapels, black buttons and very pointy boots.


Voici le photographe officiel de mariage. Très pimpant dans son costume argenté avec revers noirs, boutons noirs et des bottes très pointues.


  1. The photographer is indeed camera ready.

    You seem to get invited to a lot of weddings. You must have a lot of friends.

  2. The weddings are in the village. I always check, of course, that it's OK to take photos and to publish them. I'm not invited but often get offered a drink, which is so kind.

  3. Very dapper. It is not a look I will emulate.

  4. i hope they are pleased with his work. i know they'd be delighted with yours.

  5. They're probably from Spain (the boots) but in the US they're considered cowboy boots--the stitching on the front is the key...the stitching patterns create reinforced bend/fold areas so that the leather doesn't crack or split...the pointy toe makes it easy to guide the boot into the stirrup, the narrow instep makes the boot 'seat' into the stirrup and the slightly higher heel [in addition to making the wearer a little taller] helps anchor the boot in the stirrup..or for the more active wearer, gives him something to dig into the ground if trying to keep a horse or cow from running off (when on a rope).
    With that instep, I imagine these were not factory made boots--probably a bit of history (to go along with the silver suit...)
    Love your website!

  6. Thanks Gabriela - the only question that remains is whether cowboy boots are a good match for the suit and event :-)


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