03 August 2012

Le Week-End Africain - the Singers and Dancers

At the Weekend Africain in Gorbio, the Place des Victoires vibrated to the fabulous sounds of Guinea, renowned for its percussion and its dance. The group, which is called Wamali Percussions, has quite a few guys but only two girls - and here they are singing. Later they danced, and how they danced! We'll see that another day.


Au Week-end Africain de Gorbio, la Place des Victoires a vibré aux rythmes fabuleux de la Guinée, réputés pour ses percussions et sa danse. Le groupe, qui se nomme Wamali Percussions, est composé de plusieurs  gars, mais seulement deux filles - et ici, elles chantent. Par la suite,  elles ont dansé, et de quelle façon! Nous le verrons un autre jour.


  1. The lighting in the first shot models her face perfectly.
    I like the colors and "atmosphere"
    of all of the shots, but the first shot is my favorite. Maybe it is the extra closeness?

  2. You got the beat going. Looks quite funky just looking at her

  3. I really want one of those purple outfits.


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